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How Do You Write A CV

How do you write a CV? This is exactly what I'm going to show you below. Simply follow the next steps while you compose your own CV.

How Do You Write A CVHere are the steps on how do you write a CV:

1: Contact information and full name

Right at the top of the first page, type your full name. Below your full name, add your physical address, email, phone numbers and your birthday.

2: Profile

Describe in a few phrases the following:

  • your moral traits
  • your motivations
  • your career goal
  • your ideal workplace environment

3: Work experience

This section is usually the most important. List the following:

  • where you worked in the past
  • how long you worked in each place
  • the start and the end dates of each of your work experience

4: Education

List all the schools that you graduated. Also mention:

  • your marks, if they are good
  • the most important modules you studied
  • the start and the end dates of each of your study periods
  • the degree you got after completing each of your degrees

5: Awards

Every award you got says that at some point in time you were better than most other people in a specific way. The more important awards you have, the more likely you are to excel at your work. The recruiters and your future employers know this.

Most of the people reading the awards don't know exactly what these awards mean. Make sure you give them a meaning. Explain how many people get that particular award, how often and how hard is to get one.

6: Language skills

List all the languages you know. For each language, include your level of expertise for writing, speaking and reading in that particular language.

7: Computer skills

Tell them if you know how to:

  • use an office suite like Microsoft Office or Open Office
  • browse the Internet
  • get around in Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • write simple SQL to query data in Microsoft Access or in a similar program
  • use Photoshop
  • edit videos

If you apply for a position as a programmer, make sure you tell them the programming languages in which you know how to code. Also in this case, attach different samples of your projects along with the CV.

8: Hobbies

Let them know that you have a life outside work. They are looking for people who get along with others. Their worst nightmares is when all their employees put their own agenda before the company's agenda.

9: Referees

Do you know important people who found out first hand your level of expertise? List them in this section. Before you do it, talk with these people and let them know that you need their name in your CV. They will probably be contacted by the recruiter or by your future employer.

I just explained to you how do you write a CV in a short period of time. Get busy and write your own CV. Your ideal job may be just around the corner.

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