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How Can I Write A CV

You think about applying for a job and you ask yourself: how can I write a CV? I asked myself the same question many times.

Here are the most important steps on how can I write a CV:

1: Contact Information, address and full name

Your CV should be less than 2 A4 pages. Take the first page and in the upper left corner write your full name. Right below, write your full address. On the next line, write your email address and 1-2 phone numbers.

2: Profile

In the profile section, you should write your:

  • main qualities(e.g.self motivated, competitive etc.),
  • relevant work experience(e.g.: led a team of 10, increased revenue by 20% in 30 days)
  • your future professional goals.

3: Work experience

Your work experience tells to the employer how you are likely to behave while working for him. In this section, you should list the following:

  • the companies you worked for
  • your job titles and briefly explain what you actually did in each case
    when you started and when you quit or got fired

You future employer is likely to prefer if you stayed longer than a couple of months in each place.

4: Education

In this section, mention all the schools that you graduated. For each school add:

  • the start and the end dates
  • the profile of the school
  • the main modules you finished
  • your marks
  • what you've learned from the experience

5: Awards

Did you participate to any competitions in the past? This section can greatly increase your chances to be invited to an interview. All your extracurricular activities that you did during your school years can be added here.

List all your awards. Explain each one briefly. Put each award in the context so they can better appreciate what you won.

6: Language skills

Knowing more than 1 language becomes more essential than ever before. For each language, describe your level of proficiency regarding your writing, reading and speaking skills.

7: Computer skills

Your recruiter would prefer if you are computer literate. A computer literate knows the basics of how to:

  • browse the web
  • send and receive emails
  • operate their operating system
  • work with certain applications like: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, certain web applications and more

8: Hobbies

Your hobbies show them that you don't just work and work and work again. They like people who do more with their lives. Your hobbies also tell you what kind of person you can be at times: romantic, intellectual, sedentary or nonconformist.

9: Referees

Do you know important people who know you and also know about your expertise level in your field? These people are some of the candidates for this section.

Pick 2 or 3 people who are respected in their field. They can be CEOs, teachers, university professors or professionals in the same field as you are. Write their full name, titles and contact information. They will be the ones who have good things to say about you. Your future employer may want to talk with them. This is why you need to contact them before putting their name in your CV.

I answered your question on how can I write a CV. Now, make sure you put these steps into practice. Good luck!

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