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How to Write A CV Covering Letter

In this article you will learn how to write a CV covering letter.

Any covering letter should contain 3 to 4 paragraphs. Here are a few tips on the structure of how to write a CV covering letter:

Paragraph no 1:

  1. the job position you desire
  2. how you found about their job opening
  3. the date when you can start to work for them

Paragraph no 2:

  1. what made you interested in working for that particular position
  2. describe what you like about your future company(give them a small compliment)

Paragraph no 3:

  1. list your main professional skills
  2. mention your most important personality traits and strengths as they relate to the job position they are offering

Paragraph no 4:

  1. mention how they can reach you and the hours you are available during the day
  2. let them know that you look forward to meeting them and hearing from them soon.

Close with a valediction. For example, you can end with "Sincerely" which will be followed right below by your full name.

The next powerful tips will teach you how to write a CV covering letter that gets you the job:

1: Write the way you speak

You are not writing an novel or a horror movie script. How to write a CV covering letter is not about sounding smart, using long sentences or gradually uncovering a complicated and exciting plot. It's all about writing in a simple way. The best way to do it is to write the way you speak.

2: Use everyday English

Avoid jargon and words they may not understand well. Don't try to sound important. You are applying for their job. This implies that they may be more capable than you are. After all, they are offering the job.

Try instead of be perceived as confident, intelligent and positive.

3: Use simple fonts

Use 1 simple font. 12 pt Arial is best for the web. 12 pt. Times New Roman works best for offline writing.

4: Be positive and nice

Look at the full half of the glass. Don't make them pay attention to any negative aspects.

5: Stay away from long sentences, hard to pronounce words and negations

Break your sentences down in easy to understand bits. Don't give them too much information at once. They will not understand anything. Even a child should be able to understand your writing.

People subvocalize while they read. Use words that sound well. The words containing vocals sound well most of the time. Use positive words. Get rid of words like: don't, do not, can't, should, stop, break, stupid, ugly etc.

6: Write short sentences by using a simple, clear language

Keep your sentences short and sweet. There's no prize for long sentences. And there's always a prize for clear communication.

7: Use perfect grammar and spelling

Read and reread your writing. It can be very hard to pinpoint your own mistakes. This is why it's smart to let more people read it. Some of the invisible mistakes to you will appear obvious to other people.

It's pretty easy to know how to write a CV covering letter. This article is my proof to you. Now, it's up to you! Use this valuable information and learn how to write your own CV covering letter.

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