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How To Write A CV Profile

How to write a CV profile is the first step in writing a high quality CV.

Follow the following instructions, read the examples and good luck.

The sections of how to write a CV profile are:

1: Who you are

Describe briefly your most important skills as they relate to your future job. They can be both psychological and technical. All that matters is that they are the most relevant. They don't need to be your best skills unless they are relevant to your future position.

2: Your experience

Condense all your relevant past experience in 1 or 2 sentences. Write a maximum of 3 aspects describing what you learned or did in your previous jobs.

3: Your direction

Your future employer cares about what you want to do in the future. They do not want a person who will quit their job quickly.

Most hires are bad hires. They would like to avoid hiring bad people for their company. You may be a good person and be also good at what you do. But you may not be a match for their company.

Examples of how to write a CV profile:

Example 1

I'm an experienced Ruby on Rails developer. I helped at building and maintaining 2 of the most trafficked sites on the Internet. I love challenges and a pleasant work environment. I'm looking for a position in London where I'll also be in touch with the customers on a day-to-day basis.

Example 2

I'm a results-driven developer with proven success at every stage of designing and building a successful enterprise application. I have a deep understanding of object oriented programming. I'm looking for a fast paced challenging environment which strives on innovation.

Example 3

Experienced leader of a 10 people team for 5 years. We installed speed cameras in most cities in UK. Now, seeking challenging and rewarding position as a team leader of 10 or more people.

How to write a CV profile that makes an impact:

1: Be concise

Add only the most important aspects. Don't overwhelmed them with your skills and desires. Keep them for the interview.

2: Focus on what matters to your future employer

Some recruiters read only your profile section and almost ignore the rest. Make sure that your profile has a hook. The hook is measured in how relevant you are for their job opening.

3: Make it count

This is the first impression you get. So make it count! As they say: the first impression is always the most important one. Everything you will tell them later will be filtered through this first impression.

4: Don't brag and sound pushy

Simply state concisely and confidently what is required in your profile. Don't try to add too many skills. Add only the relevant and the most important skills. Think of it as an invitation to learn more about you.

You learned a few simple steps on how to write a CV profile. Make it simple and make it count! Your CV profile is only the first step in writing your CV. Don't overlook its importance.

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