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How Do I Write A CV - Simple Steps To Write A CV

How do I write a CV? This is the exact question I asked myself. Now I know how to do it. And I want to show you how to finish your CV in less than 1 hour.

The following simple steps will show you exactly how do I write a CV:

1: Add your full name and contact information

At the top of the first page, add your full name, physical and email address and phone numbers. If you like you can also add your birthday and your titles.

2: Write a simple profile section

Briefly mention in your profile section your emotional and moral traits, your career goal and your ideal work environment and position.

3: Describe your work experience and results

List all the companies you worked for. For each company, mention how long you worked there, what you did there and what you learned from the whole experience.

4: Write about your years of schooling and learning

Start with your high school and add your college and so on. Mention when you started and when you ended each of the school periods like for example your high school. Add a general description of what you've learned there. Remember to mention your marks if they are good.

It's also advisable to mention additional courses that you completed. Because you went through the hassle of completing them, the job recruiters will think that you are passionate about your work. Most employers want passionate employees to work for them.

5: Awards, competitions won, diplomas and prizes received

All of these will help you stand out from the masses. The more relevant and the more important they are, the more valuable will be perceived by the recruiter. Employers and shareholders love experts. This is the case especially when the experts work for them and make them rich.

If you received lots of awards in the past, you can position yourself as an expert. Make sure you add a brief paragraph describing the importance of your awards like: how hard is to get one, why it is relevant and what it means. Don't brag about them. Simply state the facts.

6: Language skills

The more languages your speak, write and read fluently the better you will be perceived, especially by an international company. For each language, describe your level of expertise when writing, reading or speaking in that particular language.

7: Computer skills

They need to know if you are computer literate or not. The computer skills are critical only when you apply for a position in IT. In the rest of the situation, they just need to make sure you know the basics.

8: Hobbies

List the most important activities you like to do in your spare time. They are looking for a team player who gets along with others and has a life outside work.

9: Referees

List a few important people who know first hand about your skills. Add their contact information. Make sure you tell them that you're going to put their name in your CV.

The answer to how do I write a CV is in the above paragraphs. Make sure you refer to this article while you compose your own CV.

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