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How To Write A Science CV

How to write a science CV is not very different from writing a normal CV. You just need to keep in mind the person you are writing for and the particular aspects of applying for a science related position.

Here are the main steps on how to write a science CV. Take them one by one. They are in their natural order.

1: Your full name

Write your full name at the top of the first page. Use a big font. The font's size should be at least 2 times bigger than the rest of the text. In this way, it will be easily noticed in a pile of CVs.

This is yet another way to think from the perspective of the other person. It's crucial.

2: Complete address, date of birth, email and phone numbers

Right below your full name, add your complete address, date of birth and different ways to contact you. You should add at least 3 ways to be contacted. Adding an email, a mobile phone number and a land line is perfect. Also, make sure your email is in a simple format. The best emails are in the format. Please don't use for your email something like: .

3: The profile section

Write 5 to 7 phrases describing yourself and what you want to do in the future. They are looking for someone who thinks about the future and is concerned about their work environment and their career path. They also want someone committed in the long run for the position they are offering.

Treat this section like a summary. You should include in no particular order: why you want to follow a career in your chosen field, what kind of person you consider you to be, how you proved your experience in the past and what social skills you posses.

4: Education

Add your high school education and any other more advanced degrees. For each advanced degree, higher than the high school level, you should write the main modules you studied during each year and the practical skills you gained during it. It's important for them to prove that you also have practical abilities. It's also advisable to add your marks if they are good.

5: Work experience

List the jobs you had. They can be summer jobs, specializations at different companies, voluntary work or any other paid or unpaid job. The most important are the ones that have to do with the position that you apply for. After each job, write a short job description.

6: Skills

These skills have to be particularly relevant to a science position. You should also include psychological skills like a willingness to learn, empathy and a commitment to driving projects to completion. Make sure you include problem solving related skills, working in a team skills and computer skills. Do not leave any of these out.

7: Interests

Write in this section your hobbies and other activities you enjoy doing in your spare time.

8: Referees

Mention 2-3 people who can recommend you. Write their full name, address, their professional position and contact information. You should talk with the referees before putting their name in a CV.

As you can read above, how to write a science CV is a simple step by step process. Simply follow the above guideline and you'll be just fine.

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