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How To Write A CV Personal Statement

How to write a CV personal statement is really similar with writing a cover letter. Both are for selling yourself to a future authority. The are different mostly in their usage.

A personal statement is used most of the time when applying for a graduate school, MBA or for a postgraduate teacher training. A cover letter is also attached with your CV. The latter is sent to your future boss.

Here are the most important things on how to write a CV personal statement:

1: Keep it 3 to 4 paragraphs

Write an intro, 1 - 2 paragraphs for the main body and a conclusion. It should get on 1 single A4 page. The composition should contain less than 500 words.

2: Write what you can offer them

People operate based on their self interest. Organizations are run by people. So, they will care about the interest of their organization. Mention your skills that are appealing to them like: works well in a team, fast learner, motivated. You basically look at most of the students for inspiration. Make sure your strengths are the opposite of the most student's weaknesses. It's also helpful if you don't need to lie about your qualities.

3: Mention what you are good at

Self aggrandize yourself without sounding pushy. Say what are the qualities or experience that place you above the others. Explain why you are unique and the perfect person for that position.

4: The relevant domain

They want to make sure that you aren't likely to be a future dropout. Don't feed into their paranoia and over self protection. They are likely to not get tens of thousands of dollars if you drop out. Make sure you motivate your choice well.

5: Your career goals

Your career goal should be in alignment with the position you are applying for. Otherwise, they may believe that this position is your second or third option. And that you are not fully motivated for it.

6: Motivate why you chose them

They have to be sure that you really want they offer you. Motivation is probably the number 1 reason why people do not perform well in school.

7: Use simple everyday English

Be concise. Avoid technical jargon. Use short sentences. Don't try to sound smart. Write the way you would talk with them.

8: Use perfect grammar and spelling

Read it and reread it again. Let other people take a look at it. It's hard for you to see your own mistakes especially right after you wrote it.

9: Sound positive and confident

Emotions are contagious. Make sure the phrases you use sound positive.

You should use:

  • short snappy sentences
  • the active voice
  • everyday English as much as possible

Don't use the passive voice, could, would, don't, can't, cannot, won't, very long words and long sentences. Also don't repeat yourself or write about irrelevant ideas.

As you can clearly see, how to write a CV personal statement is pretty easy. Simply consult the above points while you write your own CV personal statement.

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