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Sample CV - Use My Sample CV

The fastest and easiest way to write your CV is to copy the structure of a sample CV. Simply put a sample CV in front of you and replace what's different in your case. It's impossible to get stuck and you'll write your CV in less than 1 hour.

Here's a sample CV:

John Gates
Address: Chicago, str. Jack Nick, no. 12, ap. 15
Tel: (99)2479-1467-324


A results-driven web designer with demonstrated success in designing some of the most trafficked sites on the Internet. Fast, reliable and self motivated. Ready to deliver good work on time and on budget.

Professional Experience

June 2001 - July 2005:
I worked as a full time designer for . We were selling bundles of PC, Xbox and Console Games. My job was to increase conversions through design. I learned from the experience a good deal about programming languages, managing and working in a team and more. We worked in teams of 3. We switched teams each 2 weeks. This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with different people and to work in a fast paced environment.

August 2005 - Now
I'm working as a freelancer. I attached some of my work to this CV. I learned how different customers can be and how to make them happy. This will come handy in my next job. I will be able to please the future customers and my employer by designing exactly what they want.


September 1997 - July 2001
Imperial College of Art and Design - Chicago
This is where I developed my design talents. I always had a passion for design and experimenting with things.

Awards - I was awarded "The Employer of The Year" in 2002. I worked with truly smart people. This is why I'm truly proud of this achievement.


1. English - mother tongue
Writing: advanced
Reading: advanced
Speaking: advanced

2. Spanish
Writing: intermediate
Reading: intermediate
Speaking: intermediate

3. German
Writing: beginner
Reading: beginner
Speaking: intermediate

Computer skills

I know how to:

  • install and operate Windows, Linux (Ubuntu and OpenSuse) and Mac OS.
  • browse the internet, install browser plugins, install extensions and addons
  • send and receive emails. I also know how to use email desktop clients like Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird
  • build and design websites
  • program in languages such as Ruby, Python and PHP.


I truly enjoy traveling, meeting new people and building new relationships with them. While I'm not traveling, I play outdoor sports, read good novels and play computer games. I also enjoy being in the nature. I found that nature can actually inspire your best designs while giving you a breath of fresh air.


John Smith
CEO of
John Smith is my former employer at . We are still friends. He knows me very well.

John Bush
CEO of Grand Deal Chicago
John Bush is a repeat client of my freelance work. He can vouch for work experience and professionalism.

The above sample CV will help you write your own CV. Look at its structure. You don't need to copy everything. Simply take this sample CV as a template. And add your own flavor in the mix.

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