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Sample CV Format

The next sample CV format will give you the necessary structure to write your own CV. Simply fill in the blanks and your CV will be ready super fast.

Here's a sample CV format:

Full name
Physical address:
Phone number:


Professional experience:



Language skills:

Computer Skills:



Here are a few tips on how to fill up this sample CV format:

1: Keep it simple

Writing a CV is a simple process. Don't make it complicated. The CV is important to you. And this is exactly why you have to adapt it to the their perspective.

No one has the time to decipher complicated writing. Rewrite your sentences until they sound simple enough. Even a child should be able to get the message.

2: Be clear and concise

The clarity of your writing has to do with the clarity of your thoughts. Most people have an entire stream of ideas competing for their attention at every moment.
You should select only the most important ones and drop the rest. Take these ideas and downsize them even further.
As Einstein put it: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler."

3: Don't lie

You may be tempted to say a few innocent lies especially if you apply for a demanding job position. Don't do it.

You will get caught later on. And it will be worse after you wasted so much time and energy by going to the interview.

4: Sound confident

Any company wants people to feel confident. Don't sound overly confident. They don't necessarily want an arrogant jerk around them.

5: Add a cover letter

You are 10% more likely to get an interview if you send a cover letter along with your CV.

Remember that the CV doesn't get you the interview invitation. The recruiter is looking to disqualify potential candidates based on their CVs. The recruiter has all the power. In one second, he can throw out your CV.

This is why it's important to reverse the power balance. And the cover letter has all the ingredients. The cover letter is about selling yourself and the CV is about listing what you did so far.

6: Forget the hype

Don't try to sound smart. Don't use long complicated sentences or unusual words. Use the simplest writing possible to get your point across.

7: Stop adding irrelevant information

More irrelevant stuff doesn't impress anybody. Stick only with the most relevant information for the job position you are applying for. By adding irrelevant information, you will tell your future employer that you focus on the minutia. He may assume that you will do the same thing while working for him. You will focus on the unimportant stuff and forget about the most important problems that need to be solved.

8: Use everyday English

You should write the way you speak. Use short sentences and the active voice.

This sample CV format and CV tips will help you write a better CV than most other people out there. Use this information wisely. With enough perseverance and practice you will get the job you desire.

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