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Sample Medical CV

The following sample medical CV will help you write your own medical CV. You will not have to write it from scratch.

Simply copy the format of the following sample medical CV.

George Obama BSc MBBS

24 Crown Street, Winstor, London E34 245
Tel: 02064789345; Mobile: 07764578315


I'm a hard working medical professional, obsessed with details and with getting the work done in a perfect way. I'm working towards a career in surgery and for this reason I seek further training.

Educational Qualifications

King’s College London - Medical Sciences - From 01/09/95 to 14/06/99
Imperial College London - Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) - From 01/09/99 to 18/06/2003

GMC Status

The full GMC registration number, registered with Medical Council, is 607456666.

Membership of Defense Union

Medical Defense Union (MDU) membership number: GQ14547Y.

Employment History

University College Hospital London - Internal Surgery Specialization - From 18/06/2003 to 18/06/2008
London Imperial Hospital - Internal Surgery - From 18/06/2003 to now

Skills and Proficiencies:

I'm able to observe, determine, recognize and give treatment for the following surgical and medical conditions:

  • diabetes type 1 and 2
  • normal and acute asthma attack
  • most pulmonary diseases
  • coronary syndrome
  • myocardial infarct

I'm also proficient at the following procedures:

  • arterial line insertion
  • chest drain insertion
  • interpreting most films for chest, spine, abdominal and limb x-rays.

Teaching Experience

I taught a team of 10 students the basics of surgery while I was working at the University College Hospital in London.


I conducted dozens of audits. The most important one determined that 80% of the open heart surgeries can be avoided simply by having the patient walk for 1 hour each day for 6 months. We were surprised by the results and we are conducting further research on the subject.


1. Edema A.
Role Of Jogging In Reducing Hearth Surgery Risk

Clin Exp Surgery. 2006 Apr;09(6):478-365
1. Edema A.
What I've learned in the last 2 years of working with heart risk patients

Clin Exp Surgery. 2008 Apr;07(5):145-478

Management Experience

I'm still in charge of a team of 5 medical students. I meet with them on a day to day basis. They are really motivated. And each one of them is heading towards a promising medical career.

Career Goal

I'm committed to a career in open heart surgery. Most of my training and experience points in this direction. And I love to do it.


In my spare time, I enjoy:

  • reading scientific works
  • jogging
  • traveling(I visited 25 countries so far.)


1. Professor A.K. Ben MS, PhD
Consultant, Endocrine Surgery
University College Hospital London
Telephone: 020712145632

2. Dr J.M Collins MRCP
Consultant Physician
London Imperial Hospital
Telephone: 020712145897

3. Mr D.Z Barack MD FRCS
Consultant Surgeon
London Imperial Hospital
Telephone: 020 4544 0761 Ext 3999

The above sample medical CV contains all the necessary requirements. Simply take each section one by one and add your own persona data. In this way you will dramatically accelerate the process.

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