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How To Write A CV Cover Letter

Learn How To Write a CV Cover Letter by following the next simple steps.

The structure of how to write a CV cover letter:

1: Header

At the top of the page write the full name and address of the sender and recipient. Type your contact information. Your contact information includes your email address and your phone number.

2: Introduction

Simply state the purpose of the cover letter. Write the job opening you are interested in and how you found about it.

3: Body

Write 1 to 2 paragraphs describing:
* why you are interested in their job position
* why you are the right person for the job
* why you are qualified for the job
* how they can benefit by having you working for them in that particular position

In addition, you can compliment them on 1 aspect that you like about their company.

4: Closing

Write what's the next step they should to do. Simply saying that you hope they will contact you in the future is just too weak. Let them know that you have further information to provide. Also mention that you are available for an interview.

Close with a valediction like "Sincerely". And follow up below with your full name or signature.

Additional tips on how to write a CV cover letter.

1: The cover letter should be less than 1 page

It's not a CV. Don't add any unnecessary information. A cover letter is a response to a job offering. Its goal is to make the recruiter contact you or to invite you to an interview.

2: Be giving

Write like you write to a friend. How do you feel when you meet an old friend? Feel the same feeling while you write the letter. They will read your state between the lines.

Make sure you don't appear needy. You don't need their job position. You want it.

3: Use simple fonts

Use basics fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Arial 12 pt is the best font for the web. And Times New Roman 12 pt is best if you send them a physical letter.

4: Be friendly and warm

Don't be pushy or superior. You are simply stating your interest in a warm way. Let them know that you like their company and the company's culture.

5: Make it interesting

Put emotion into your writing. Logical letters don't stick in people's minds and don't motivate.

6: Use simple language

Use everyday English. Write like you speak. Don't try to write in a particular way. Sound like yourself.

7: Don't use vague words

Use specific and concrete words. Write short sentences. Break your long sentences down into small bits. Use the active voice instead of the passive voice.

Knowing how to write a CV cover letter is essential for getting a high paid job. Before you get to an interview, you need to get in the door first. Writing a relevant cover letter is the way to do it. They will get their first impression of you from reading the letter. The first impression is the most important.

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