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How To Write A CV Resume

If you want to get hired, it's really important that you know how to write a CV resume. How good you are at being interview doesn't matter unless you get this first step right.

General guidelines on how to write a CV resume:

1: Be concise

The resume should be less than 2 pages long. The best resumes are less than 1 page. The perfect resume contains only the most important information presented in a concise way.

2: Use everyday English

Use simple language when you write. Don't try to sound smart or impressive. Focus on clarity and on the message you want to convey. Your future employer gets hundreds of job applications for each job opening. If they are confused about who you are and what you can offer them, they will get rid of your CV immediately. They don't have time to waste.

3: Focus on the most important aspects

Your CV resume is the first impression you get. Everything they will learn about you will be based on this first impression. So make it count!

4: Adapt

Adapt to what each particular employer asks from you. Also take note of what kind of CV is expected in your particular country.
Each country has their own traditions and particularities. Some prefer shorter CVs. Some do not even want to hear about CV resumes.
In other countries is expected to send them a cover letter too.

Use the following items for how to write a CV resume quest:

1: Full name, address and contact information

Right at the top of your first page, type your full name and your physical address. Add below your email address and one or more phone numbers.

2: Profile

Describe in a few sentences who you consider yourself to be as a person and what is your main career goal. Your profile section should contain less 5 phrases at most.

2: Education

Mention all the most important schools you attended. Start with your high school. For each school, write the exact dates when you started and completed the schools, what degree you got as a result of finishing the school and write a few sentences of what you've learned.

3: Work Experience

Briefly list all the places you worked at. Write exactly what you did, what your job title was and what you learned because of working there.


List your language skills and your computer skills. For each language, pick what level of expertise you have for reading, writing and speaking in that particular language. The levels of expertise can be: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Describe what you know to do with your PC. Your PC skills need to relevant to your future job. Expand on your computer skills only if you apply for a position in IT.

5: References

These are 1 or 2 people you respect. They should be well known in their fields. Plus, they had to see your expertise level first hand. Make sure you contact them before adding their names at the end of your resume.

Now you know how to write a CV resume. Put into practice your new knowledge. Get that job!

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