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Write A CV online

Write a CV online by completing up the following steps.

Use the following format to write a CV online.

1: Name, address and contact info

On the first page, in the upper left corner, write your full name. Use capitalized letter. Then, one line below, add your physical address. In the next line below add your email address. The perfect format for your email address is . One line below, add your mobile phone number or your land line phone number. Your mobile phone number is preferable.

2: Personal statement

Describe in a few sentences:

  • your most relevant personality traits for the job
  • your professional and work skills
  • you career goal and how your ideal future workplace would look like

3: Professional experience

They care about your past work experience. Your past work experience can be a really good indicator for how you will attempt your new job experience.

For each job position you had, write the following:

  • the title of the job
  • a brief description of what you did there and what you learned
  • the dates when you started and when you finished the work

4: Education

Type all the schools you completed.

For each school, remember to mention:

  • when the school started and ended
  • what you've learned there
  • the marks you got
  • your major and your minor. Add the equivalent for your high school or other schools.

5: Languages

Do you speak other languages than English? Write in this section all the languages you know. For all of them, mention your level of proficiency when writing, reading or speaking. The different levels of proficiency range from beginner and intermediate to advanced.

6: Computer skills

Your recruiter cares that you know your way around a computer. You should have a basic understanding. Write in this section the most important and useful things you can do with a computer.

Examples may include:

  • browsing the world wide web
  • having a basic understanding of Windows 7, Vista and XP etc.
  • editing Microsoft Office or Open Office documents

If you apply for a position as a programmer or designer, you should add more relevant skills to this position.

7: Hobbies

List some of the most interesting things you like to do in your spare time. More and more employers care about these activities. They may even sponsor your future activities.

Some of them, also would want to have similar hobbies with other people who are already in the team.

8: Referees

Find 2 to 3 people who can recommend you. It's advisable that these people are important people or experts in their fields. They spent time with you and they are familiar with your work quality. Tell them that you are going to add their name and contact information to your CV.

For each referee include:

  • full name
  • current position and title
  • from where you know them
  • why they are qualified to recommend you
  • contact information

Write a CV online by following the above guidelines. Keep it short and sweet.

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